10 ways to childproof your home

10 ways to childproof your home

For many parents, securing their house so that their young children don’t get hurt or injured seems impossible, considering all the things they can get into.  Nowadays, there are plenty of patented inventions on the market that can provide a little extra security, but they are often expensive and are not quite accessible to everyone.

That’s why we’ve found several affordable, yet equally effective as well as simple solutions for the challenges our kids face on a daily basis, in terms of their personal security. And the best thing is that you don’t have to spend much money on these smart solutions!

Here are 10 tips to childproof your home in the easiest way possible, and let your kids satisfy their curiosity on a safe ground.

1-Non-Slippery Socks

Non glissante Chaussettes

Parquet and other wood flooring tends to be very slippery, so for our fast and sometimes less-than-careful little ones this means lots of falls and tears.

One way to prevent your kids from falling on your slippery floor is to buy them, or even better, make them non-slippery socks.

Using a color that remains in a thicker layer on the fabric (such as Tulic Fabric Paint), draw their favorite figures, cartoon characters, letters, numbers, or print the name of your kids on the back of their socks and reduce the possibility of slipping.

2-Secure Sharp Edges and Corners on Tables

Secure Sharp Edges and Corners on Tables

Once your baby learns to walk, the edges and corners on the furniture, especially those on tables, pose great risk of injuries.

But don’t worry, as there are many silicone protectors and foam cushion strips for securing table edges and corners in most children’s stores.  Another way to baby-proof your tables, is to look up for plumbing foam pipe insulation in a hardware store and mount it along the edges and corners of the table. In this way, if your kid hits his/her head on the corner or edge of the table, s/he won’t get hurt.

3-Fabric Stair Gate

Fabric Stair Gate
There are wood and metal fences that you can use as a stair gate, but most of them require support on both sides which is sometimes not feasible in practice.

Therefore, you can make a stair gate from fabric, which is much simpler and cheaper solution. These gates/fences are quite flexible so they will suit many areas. Take a look at the video to see the simple method of crafting this fabric stair gate.

4-Crib Rail Teething Guard

Crib Rail Teething Guard

When your baby grows teeth, s/he will certainly bite everything s/he finds, including their crib’s rails. If you are not sure of the origin of paint used on the crib, or you simply don’t like damaged crib rails, here’s one way to prevent your kid from biting it.

Protect the crib rails with a thick fabric, like fleece, by placing onto the entire length of the rails. Secure it by tying bows between the slats on the crib railing.  And that’s all.  This DIY crib rail teething guard set is quite convenient since you can remove it and wash when necessary, and even change it to match with the current bedding. It will protect the paint, and your baby can continue with his/her biting habit without tasting the paint and damaging the crib rails.

5-Glass Stickers

Glass Stickers

If you have large glass areas that stretch from the floor up to the ceiling, it can happen where your baby doesn’t see the glass.  It can happen easily to children and even to adults to sometimes not notice the glass and hit their head right against it.  This can be a slight bump or it can be very dangerous and cause serious injuries if your kiddo is running at a fast clip and not looking!

Prevent such accidents with the help of cute glass stickers that will serve as a warning sign that there is a glass right in front of them, and thus save children and other family members of possible injuries.  It happens to the best of us at times.

6-Bookshelf Straps

Bookshelf Straps

Our curious little ones are always on a quest for something new, so various objects can often fall right on their feet and cause them injuries. Such can be the case with your bookshelf, packed with several hefty tomes. Reaching for some interesting looking book, they can easily fall from their place and harm a curious child.

To prevent this from happening, secure them by tying bicycle inner tubes or bungees around each shelf. In this way, your child can touch the books but not get them out of the shelf.  In fact, s/he might find pulling the inner tubes as a new fun activity, while you are reading your favorite book.

7-Prevent Doors from Closing

Prevent Doors from Closing

Every time you hear a door slamming, you are probably concerned about the small fingers of your little ones. To prevent possible injuries and future concerns, stop your doors from closing by making a doorstopper using a pool noodle. Just place it above the door handle, and you will no longer have to worry about the fingers of your kid being crushed.

If you don’t want to go to the bother of making a doorstopper, you can consider some of the commercial finger pinch guards.

8-Baby-Proof the Electrical Outlets and Extension Cords

Baby-Proof the Electrical Outlets and Extension Cords

You mustn’t forget about the dangerous electrical outlets and extension cords in your home. Small kids often put their fingers in the outlets that are at just about their size.  No matter how much you as a parent watch out for your kid doing this, you can never be sure if s/he will reach his/her fingers once again towards these mysterious looking electrical hazards.

Supply electrical outlet covers and outlet plugs are available for a low everyday price, but when it comes to securing the extension cords, make your own protective cover using a plastic box.

Choose one with appropriate dimensions and preferably with a hard lid and cut 2 holes so that you can slip the cables through them. When its all good to go, just put the cover on.

9-Secure Drawers and Cabinet Doors

Secure Drawers and Cabinet Doors

Before you had a kid, you probably didn’t think of drawers or cabinets as dangerous parts of your home. But, now that you do have kids, you are probably familiar with the dangers that these furniture items impose.

Some of them might include dangerous items like sharp scissors or poisonous substances, and also there is the risk of your kid’s fingers being caught when closing the drawer.

And another thing is the mess that your kids can make by pulling everything from the drawer or cabinet just for fun.

So, to prevent all this, you have several options. You can install magnetic cabinet locks, which can only open if you hold the key with one hand and pull the cabinet door/drawer with the other.

Another way to secure multiple drawers in a column is with the help of a tension rod. For this purpose, you can either use a spare shower rod, or purchase a tension rod for an decent price. Moreover, you can even use strong hair bands or hair rubber bands as shown in the presented picture.

10-Quiet Closing of Doors

Quiet Closing of Doors

If your baby has a light sleep, you will surely appreciate this little trick on how to close the door without waking her/him up.

The trick is to loop a piece of leather around both door handles/knobs. However, to make your own door muff, you will need a piece of leather and elastic. Just pinch holes in the leather, and thread the elastic through the holes.

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