13 Insanely Powerful Vitamins for Healthy Looking Kids

13 insanely powerful vitamins for healthy looking kidssource: https://topbabygears.com

Vitamins are important for the everyday health of adults as well as kids. If kids get the right amount of vitamins and nutrients in young age, they get strong for their upcoming lives and are expected to perform better in everyday lives as compared to those who don’t properly take vitamins. So if you are also planning to provide your kid with the right vitamins for a healthy life ahead, you need to trust on this list of vitamins provided by topbabygear.com

1- Vitamin A

Vitamin A is considered to be one of the best Vitamins as it is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin A must be taken on a regular basis because it assists in a better neurological function, vision, skin development, and immune system improvement. Get loads of vitamin A with Meat, Milk and Eggs, and various orange fruit as well as vegetables like carrots.

2- Vitamin B1

Secondly, we have Vitamin B1 also known as Thiamine. Vitamin B1 is used as a dietary supplement and converts the food into energy which is further used for the smooth functioning of the nervous and muscular system. Rich amounts of Vitamin B1 are found in Fish, Meat, Yeast, Bran Breads as well as Cereals.

3- Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 is also similar to Vitamin B1 as both perform the function of providing energy to the body by the breakdown of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. It maintains healthy body cells and improved metabolism. Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is found in Fish, Meat, Cheese, Eggs, Bran Bread, Cereal, as well as yeast.

4- Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 must be taken in good amounts if you want your kid to be saved from dyslipidemic diseases. It improves metabolism of the body and provides energy. Vitamin B3 is found in Meat, Fish, chicken, as well as nuts.

5- Vitamin B6

If you want your kid to have better blood cells, and improved brain function, you need to have the Vitamin B6 from Wholegrain foods, Meat, Fish, Vegetables and several nuts as well.

6- Vitamin B12

Also known as cobalamin, Vitamin B12 defends the body from anemia and the deficiency increases the chances of anemia. Red blood cell formation and overall growth are possible with Vitamin B12 which can be found in Eggs, Meat, Fish, Meat and other animal foods. Vegans might need a dietary supplement to cover their Vitamin B12 intake.

7- Vitamin C

One of the most important vitamins for your kid is Vitamin C. It is mainly used for fighting with different infections, and absorbs iron from food. Have strong teeth and bones with Vitamin C. It is found in fruits and vegetables but the quantity of vitamin C in a food item is reduced when it’s cooked.
Folic Acid
Being common in adults, folic Acid is important for Children as well. It creates new blood cells and helps in the development of DNA as well. It is found in heavy amounts in green leafy vegetables, liver, and whole grain cereal but is often lost when cooked.

8- Vitamin D

Ask your Child to play out in the sun to make some Vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D absorbs calcium which helps in bone development. Vitamin D is readily available in Oily foods such as butter, oily fish, egg yolks, and fish liver oils.

9- Vitamin E

Vision development and healthy skin are the two main benefits of Vitamin E which is found in Margarine, Nuts, and Sunflower oils.

10- Iron

Iron is also considered as one of the most important vitamins for your child. It improves oxygen flow in the body and is important for brain function as well. Children must take high quantities of iron in the form of dried beans, chicken, egg yolks, Cereal, liver, meat and all sorts of seafood.

11- Iodine

Iodine is essential for internal tissue and growth development. It controls the level of oxygen and energy made by the cells in the body. Pregnant women are recommended to take higher quantities of iron by consumption of Dairy products, iodized salt, Seafood, bread with iodized salt, and a few vegetables.

12- Calcium

Calcium is also very important for bone development and overall growth of kids. Calcium contradicts with higher amounts of Fibre and iron. It can be found in dairy products, yogurt, and fishes such as sardines.

13- Zinc

Zinc comes in the last but is very important for your kid’s body. Wound healing, proper immune system, and growth are its functions. Get it from meat, chicken, seafood, milk and whole grain cereals.

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