Baby Jumpers Good or Bad for babies ?

Are Baby jumpers good or bad for babies?

baby jumpers good or bad
All parent including me concern about one question, are best baby jumpers good or bad for babies? Well, after using for 8 and a half month for my twins now I guess I can give some statement about being bad or good about this toy.

I have used both the doorway and stationary  baby jumpers for one reason. So, I could experiment with the two verities so I can deduct one if needed.

Usually, a jumper is a good concept for you and your babies. It let them stand and seat independently, lay and bounce up and down. Also, you can leave them for a while so you can pay attention to other house chores. I am not for leaving the baby alone with the jumper.

I used to let the jump in their jumper when I am arranging their clothes or preparing food in their room or the kitchen. So I can with them what are they actually doing. Otherwise, no jumping on the jumper unless I put somebody to watch them.

Are jumpers bad for babies ?

Most new moms ask  : are jumpers bad for babies ?

Unless you are making a habit of using or playing with it all day long. The moderation is the key to getting benefits from anything. I am particularly strict about using any equipment for my babies not too long. Like the baby jumper or even with the building blocks.

I make sure the appropriate time out of any device or toy to play and explore. Moreover, on this period I observe some of these facts that may give you the answer about are the baby jumpers good or bad for toddlers .

Both doorway and stationary baby jumpers  are stand up on their toes. It is kind of like; they are searching for some stable point to stand as they are not ready for the position. At first, I thought it was the beginning, so they are afraid or confused about the standing position. However, it was not.
They are only struggling with height. So I adjust the height once again and put the sit in lower position. Now, they are fine with it.

Usually, the jumper is made thinking of an average size so every size of a toddler can fit into it. So my trouble began with the seat size. I do not believe that it is well fit for any baby. My kids are thrust forward in the jumper which seems little awkward to me.

They should be in the middle, but they did not. This forward position made hard for them to use his gluteals muscles of the hip muscles very well. Even with the doorway jumper. It likes they are hanging out on ligaments and the head and shoulders being back too far.

In this position, they are not able to senesce their body so well. If not how can the learn body coordination and all that all the manufacturers are claiming for?
The doorway jumper that I purchased consists a toy bar including some ring and soft toys. Moreover, the stationary baby jumpers always include toy bar or station for playing.

Maybe that is the reason they cannot see their feet while jumping on it of trying to move a little. Seeing the feet is necessary for learning walk and balance which is absent here.

All the jumpers  for babies I bought include lots of fun features like toys, lights, and sound. However, the doorway jumper only has the toys. I added some LED lights to it and played some music from my phone when both of them are bouncing on it.

They love to dance with lights and sounds but don’t pay much attention to the toys. They usually like to play with shape blocks which are big and come with vibrant color. These small, gloomy soft toys cannot catch their attention.

Whereas, the stationary baby jumpers are consist of some colorful verity of toys rather than the doorway jumpers. I notice that door why jumpers  for babies are only meant for the jump. So their amusement options are limited.

However, this entertainment option is a good addition to keep engage your toddler. If it matches with their test. Otherwise, it will be a total waste of money.

What I do with the baby jumper and my boys

I try to limit the playing time with the jumpers, only for 20 minutes. Even with the other toys or baby equipment, I do not let them use it for more than this time.

Making a habit or dependent mentality of any toys proven bad to baby’s mental and physical health. Sometimes it makes them stubborn.

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A jumper makes your kid smile and stays delighted all the time. If you come up with the health benefits or walking skill or balance that seems precarious to me.

So it is better not overuse it. Thus, it appears that there is both good and bad side of using the baby jumper. As long as you are using it for play and fun baby jumpers are good for your infants.


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