Baby Monitor Application :How to Turn Your Old Smartphone Into A Baby Monitor

Top Baby Monitor Application to Turn Your Old Smartphone Into A Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor ApplicationBaby Monitor Application

Are you worried about your baby’s safety and would like to use a baby monitor? As a matter of fact, you can use your old mobile phone device to monitor your baby. Yes, it is perfectly possible to use your old smartphone as a baby monitor.

The camera can be used to watch your baby and for your relief. It is not so difficult to convert your smartphone into a smart baby monitor. Clearly, what else would you expect of your old phone device to do, not lying around and being used as a baby monitor.

Particularly at a time when you always may not find time to dedicate an in-person watch on your baby. Your smartphone which has been lying around without any usage put together to form a baby monitoring device comes as a big relief. Let’s see how we can convert an old smartphone device into a baby monitor with some interesting apps and most importantly, using camera of the old smartphone.

Part 1: How to Turn Your Smartphones Into a Baby Monitoring Device

It is a very simple process to convert an old but good enough smartphone with a working camera into a baby monitoring device. The camera of the smartphone is used to monitor your baby. You can extremely easily keep an eye on your little baby whenever you feel like doing so, even when you are abroad and this is one of the best things you can do if you are a new mom or dad.

Two of the most important things required to make this work is Internet access and the camera. This requires 2 phones, one of them being the old one and the other one being the new smartphone. Both phones have to be connected to the same WiFi network and then what’s required is the suitable baby monitor application on both the phones and that’s it.

Set up 1 smartphone with the camera pointing at the baby kept not far away, just enough to see the baby and the surrounding. But 1 thing that you will need to make sure of is that the smartphone set to keep an eye on the baby is connected to the same WiFi network as is the other smartphone and plugged into an outlet. Make sure that the advanced security options are already activated so that the video streams of the baby are private and accessible only by you.

Now that you are clear on how to use an old smartphone and an app to monitor your baby, which is the digital and complex part of the process, you will need to know more about the apps that can be used for this purpose. Here are some of the top baby-monitoring applications that you may use.

Part 2: Top Baby Monitor Application

There is a wide range of baby monitoring app that you may use. The list of baby monitor applications below gives you a quick idea of the apps that you may be looking for.

• Third Eye
• Nabby Baby Monitor App
• Cloud Baby Monitor
• Baby Monitor – Babyphone
• Baby Monitor by Faebir
• MyBabyMonitor Video-Audio
• Baby Monitor app or Baby sitting app
• CodeGoo Baby Monitor
• SmartBabyMonitor
• Baby Monitor Application
• Baby Monitor HD by Sunshine Apps
• Baby Monitor All-In-One
• Samsung Home Monitor
• WiFi Baby Monitor
• BabyPhone Mobile
• NannyPhone
• Baby Monitor / Baby Alarm
• Munchkin Monitor
• BabyCam
• Bluetooth and Wi-Fi App Box
• Baby Monitor & Alarm
• Baby Monitor 3G
• Dormi
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