Baby Won’t Sleep At Night 10 Reasons A Know

Baby Won’t Sleep At Night

Baby Won’t Sleep At Night


Babies are the most beautiful creature of nature. When a baby comes to a family, the whole family turns into a heaven. The baby combines the whole family and fill the house with love and enthusiasm. A healthy baby gives the mental peace and satisfaction to the parents. But to become healthy, the baby should have a proper schedule of eat and sleep. But sometimes, the baby won’t sleep at night.

It not only makes your baby unhealthy and also make you disgusted and also disturbs your sleep schedule. Especially, the parents who work outside need to take rest in the night. But if the baby won’t sleep, it becomes very hard for them. Different babies have different habit or sleeping schedule.

So, it is obvious that you cannot follow a certain rule. You can take expert advice for this problem, but you can follow sudden tricks by observing your baby’s habit of sleeping. Sometimes you may think all the requirements to make sure your baby a perfect sleep is meet, but often you can’t find the reasons why babies don’t sleep at night.

As babies have versatile habits, there may be hundreds of reasons. But there are some common reasons between the babies which are the most probable ones. Here are 10 most probable reasons why baby won’t sleep at night.

10 Reasons Why Baby Won’t Sleep At Night

1- Little stomach empty

Your baby can’t express its hunger. And it does not sleep with an empty little stomach. Most of the child specialists find that a baby won’t have a sound sleep whole night if it is hungry. So, it should be made sure that a baby has taken its food before it sleeps.

Again, as parents, you should provide appropriate food to your child. Heavy and excessive foods can make your baby uncomfortable and consequently, it does not sleep. Be aware when the baby needs mother’s milk or any kind of appropriate meal. Give the baby enough water if it is thirsty.

Drinking water not only remits the thirst, but also makes the nerves relaxed, which is prerequisite for a sound sleep of the baby. It is most often observed that babies wake in the night, and as soon as you provide them meals or water or mother’s milk, they put a smile on their face and fall asleep.

2- Comfortable place to sleep

Babies need a comfortable place to it is to be made sure that the bed, bassinet mattress or the pillow is not inappropriate or uncomfortable for the baby. A comfortable bed and environment is absolutely pivotal for a baby.

Babies often wakes up from the sleep hearing very low frequency sounds too. So, you have to be conscious about the bed and environment for a sound sleep of the baby. Always try to make the room keep clean and dust free. There should be enough space for entering light and wind in the room.

3- Change of baby sleep schedule

There may be some exceptions, but most of the babies sleep 5 to 6 hours a day and around 12 to 13 hours at the night. But sometimes, the baby sleep schedule may change. The baby can often have a sound sleep at the day.

So, obviously the duration of the sleep at night may reduce. The change of baby sleep schedule is not a problem. If the baby have a small duration naps in the day, it is may be for tiredness or any other reasons. You can always take small naps beside your baby, it will make your babies more comfortable, and you will feel relaxed.

But never force them to take a nap. That does not do any good. Rather hampers their sleeping schedule. It is to be noticed that as the baby grows up, the sleep schedule may change. It is absolutely natural. Obviously, you cannot change the schedule of sleep of the child, but you can help it to make the habit of having a sound sleep at night.

Sometimes it is proven to be very helpful if you communicate with the other parents to know how they help to help their babies to have a proper sleep. It is not necessary, that their tips will work on your baby, but as babies of same age have some age have a lot of similarities, it may be really helpful for you.

4- Babies feel unwell or disturbed

Babies may not sleep the whole night if it feels unwell or sick. There may a lot of reasons why babies feel unwell or disturbed. Like some babies may want to have a clean diaper before a sound sleep, some babies may want to have comfortable dresses and so on.

Most of the times, babies feel really unwell at the night and starts crying. As a parents, you have to find out the tricks how your babies are having a sound sleep. And apply the trick every night. Like there are some babies which feels uncomfortable if you do not pour lotion or powder on them.

As soon as you find the reason why your baby is not sleeping well, try to solve the problem by making changes in the lifestyle of it. If you notice that your baby is feeling very disturbed, you can take help of the child specialists. Sometimes, babies may have rash or allergy on the body. This really makes them uncomfortable to have a proper sleep. So you have to be very careful about this fact too.

5- They need movement 

Babies often needs sensory interaction which is essentially being moved, carried and held in various ways. Pressure, weightlessness and movement can ease the irritation or disturbance on the nervous system and soothe physical anxiety. Like if someone has a back pain in the body, while swimming it is not felt. Because of weightlessness of the body, it is also like that.

Most of the babies find it more comfortable to sleep at your lap rather than on the bed. Using a sling or wrap may be really helpful for you to hold the baby tightly and securely. A swing may also be helpful for your baby to have a sound sleep. And keep in mind that your baby will have a deeper feeling for you if you take your baby on your lap during the sleep.

6- Baby sleep cycle

Most of the parents are not aware of baby sleep cycle. But if the cycle is not continued, or hindered by anything, the baby does not fall asleep easily and won’t sleep the whole night. A baby has a common sleep cycle during its sleeping. The cycle changes as we get older.

As a baby starts to sleep, in 0-10 minutes it starts to fall asleep, in 10-20 minutes, the sleep gets deeper, in 20-30 minutes the baby have a heavy sleep, during 30-45 minutes, it comes out from heavy sleep and during 40-50 minutes, it is quite easy to wake the baby up and again the cycle continues. So, in every 50-60 minutes, the baby may wake up and fall asleep after that. It is absolutely natural. The parents only have to make sure that the cycle continues without any disturbance.

7- Baby want to be close to you 

The parents are the best companions of a baby. Babies have a direct mental and emotional attachment to you. They can feel the attraction and love for them by your touch. It is often seen that babies do not sleep without the parents touch. It is a natural and spiritual habit of them. So, try to keep in touch during sleep of your child.

Babies often get afraid seeing someone unfamiliar. It may rise some problems for the sleep of the baby. Again, the pet animals may also make the babies uncomfortable. Babies are afraid of unknown human beings. So, the room where your baby is sleeping should be free from them.

8- Babies sensitive to the change in the environment

There may be a lot of reasons why baby won’t sleep at night. One of the most common reason is the sudden change in weather, light or even air. Babies are too sensitive to the change in the environment or their surroundings. In example, suppose a baby is taking a nap in an air-conditioned room.

If you suddenly take it outside the room or turn off the ac, it can start crying and probably won’t sleep rest of the night. Again, if you suddenly switch on the lights of a dark room, the baby will feel disturbed and will not close the eyes rest of the night. So, you need to be absolutely careful about the surrounding of the baby. And obviously, it is unnecessary to mention that the surrounding should be appropriate for a perfect sleep of the baby.

9-  Baby frightened

Sometimes, babies may have bad dreams during sleep. This phenomena not only hampers the normal sleeping, but also makes the baby really frightened. Sometimes it has a long time effect. If a baby sees something ugly or dark around it, the sleep may be hampered. Actually babies are very sensitive. They reacts quickly to the environment.

The cartoons, animals, persons are observed by them. Again, some dangerous accidents observed by them also poses problem in the sleep. Some parents may think cartoons are very appropriate for the babies. But it is not true all the time. Ugly or dangerous looking characters can come in the dream of your babies. Again, some parents becomes very keen to make their babies familiar with animals, in spite of the babies are not eager enough.

These experiences may hamper your baby’s sleep. Moreover, dangerous stories about ghosts may also hamper their sleep, it may also have a long term effect on their fresh mind. So, as a good parents, you may tell them good rhymes, interesting stories or try to communicate with them before their sleeping. It will help your baby to have a sound sleep and have sweet dreams.

10- Change of routine of sleep

The habits, lifestyle and the ability of the babies to cope up with the environment gradually develops. The routine of sleeping, playing and doing other tasks also changes. So, the tricks you were applying to make sure a sound sleep of a baby may not work all the time. You need to change the routine according to the change of age of the baby.

Sometimes a change is the only thing you wanted. Make a plan how to get baby to sleep at night by observing child’s nature or habit. Keep in mind that the duration of sleep of a baby reduces time by time. At the age of around 7 months, your baby will take around 2-3 naps in the day. By the age of 10-12 months, it will probably be awake whole day.

This changes to be keep in mind. If you think, the routine of meal is disturbing your baby’s sleeping, you may change the routine of meal too. If that too does not work, think about changing the environment or bed of your baby. You should do anything which will be beneficiary for your baby. Make new ideas how to put your baby to sleep.


A baby is a blessing, A gift from heaven above, A precious little angle, To cherish and to love,

A sound sleep is absolutely pivotal for a baby to be healthy. So, you have to be very careful about the reasons why your baby won’t sleep at night. Take necessary steps to eradicate those problems. It will certainly make your baby to have a sound sleep at night. You can make any sort of change which will bring benefit for your child.

But you should always bear in mind that babies are versatile. You always can follow certain rules. But good parents observes their babies change in sleeping schedule and find the way how they can make the baby sleep.

And if you notice that nothing is helping your baby to have a sound sleep, and it is feeling disturbed the whole night, you can always contact with the other parents and also with the child specialists. But never become irritated or annoyed. Always remember, you are the only one who can make some way to make sure that your baby having a sound sleep and sweet dreams.

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