The Best Electric Breast Pump Reviews For New Mom

Best Electric Breast Pump Reviews

This article is going to base its focus on best electric breast pump reviews to highlight more insights on how you can go about choosing the best electric breast feeding pump. Also know why you should use an electric pump and its pros and cons.

The need to express breast milk by mums has risen over the years being occasioned by lactation problems and the need to ensure that the milk is accessible to their babies while at work. Initially mums had to express their breast milk manually using their hands.

This was a tedious and time consuming exercise but thanks to breast pump industry that introduced mechanical machines (breast pump) that have simplified the task.

Most important is the electric milk pump that has seen mums do the exercise more efficiently with ease as fast as possible. However it has not been easy to get the best electric pump from a variety available in the market.

Why Use An Electric Breast Pump?

As noted earlier, electric breast pumps are very efficient and help mums express milk with ease. This enables mums who are given short breaks before they return to busy work schedule to collect enough milk for their baby within a very short time.

You may also have been blessed with twins and it is clear that it is quite difficult to breastfeed two babies. Electric breastfeeding will be handy. In addition, electric milk pumps are demand reduced effort while using since pumping is done by the machine.

There are electric pumps with double-pumping function enabling you to express milk from both breasts at a go. With an electric milk pump you will also be able to adjust the level of pumping to your desired rate.

How To Choose A Good Electric Breast PUMP

For you to get the best results out of your pump you should choose the best out of the models available. Getting the best is not by luck. However with the following tips you will land in a good one for your needs.

  • Look for a quite pump. A Pump that makes noise is a nuisance when using at work place or any place with people as it will alert them of what you are doing. It does not get you relax as required for easy milk let down. It will also disturb your baby when operating while he or she is asleep. Therefore choose a noise-free machine.
  • A good breast pump electric is one that is light and easily portable. Certainly you need a pump that you can carry when going for an outing or your work place. Not all models are portable because of their weight. Go for the most light and of a portable size that you can easily toss into your purse. Ameda Purely Yours CarryAll has hit the high rank on this feature.
  •  Some electric pumps have hard plastic flanges that will create friction with your breasts causing pain. Ensure to look for one with soft silicon cup such as Limerick PJ’S Bliss which gives a gentle massage to your breasts during pumping.
  • A good pump should also make you feel comfortable during milk expression exercise. Get a machine that does not require you to lean in a particular position for proper let down. Philips Avent Double and Comfort Single electric breast pump have been reviewed as the best as far this feature is in question.
  • You could also be forced to express milk at night and power blackouts are common in your place. Buy a pump with built-in night light so you can pump in a dark room or without putting on lights to minimize disturbance to your sleeping baby. Spectra S2 is the best with this feature.
  • Your pump should also be fitted with well fitting soft flanges that mimic your baby’s mouth so as to feel more natural while pumping. The Smart Pump by Naya Health has been highly reviewed with this feature. It is also very powerful hence can increase your milk collection.
  •  It should be a double-pumping machine.
  •  Easy to assemble and use.
  • Should be accompanied by other pump accessories such as a caring case. Its accessories should also be available in case you need to repair.
  • Finally you should not forget to get a machine which allows you to adjust the suction rate.

Can I Use A Second Hand -Hand Electric Breast Pump ?

You are advised not to re-posses used electric breast pumps which are designed and registered as single-user products. They will put you at risk of contracting diseases as they can transmit pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. However, modified there are multiple-user designed electric pumps which can be shared by more than one user.

When using them ensure you get personal breast shields, tubing and containers. It should also be properly sterilized. Examples are the Symphony and Lactina which are supplied by Medela breast pump dealers.


  • Expresses more milk within a short time.
  • You can hire multiple-user designed pump when you cannot afford a brand new.
  • More comfortable than manual pumps as pumping is done by the machine
  •  Needs fewer efforts as compared to manual.


  • Depend on a power source to work. May not work where there is no electricity.
  • More expensive compared to manual pumps

How To Use An Electric Breast Pump

  1.  Check to ascertain that all parts of the electric pump are clean. Wash your hands.
  2. Assemble your pump. Adjust the flanges on to your breasts. Should be centered over your the nipples.
  3. Switch on the pump. Some machines will start collecting milk immediately while others will delay up to 2 minutes.
  4. Adjust the speed when necessary.
  5. Slow milk flow will mark the end of the process. Turn off the machine and remove the flanges.
  6.  Unscrew the bottles.
  7.  Wash parts of the machine that touched your body and air-dry.
Best Electric Breast Pump Reviews:

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Avent Comfort Double Electric
Evenflo Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump
Lansinoh 2-en-1 Affinité
Medela Breastpump – Swing


Your electric breast pump should be efficient and easy to use. It should be quite and more importantly should able to collect more milk per minute. These are the key features that should guide you when acquiring an electric pump.

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