The Best Manual Breast Pump Reviews 2017 For New Mom

Best Manual Breast Pump Reviews 2017

best manual breast pump reviews 2017
This article is going to uncover the best manual breast pump reviews 2017,reasons why you need a manual breast pump, how you can choose the good manual pump from several models in the market, advantages and disadvantages .

In the modern world we are living in it is quite clear that women constitute a significant portion of the work force in both public and private sectors.

Most often when these mums gives birth to a young one they are allowed a maternity leave of about three months in most countries, but we know well that to bring up a healthy child he she must get the best of his or her mums milk.

This means that breast milk must be available to him or her for at least a year. This has dawn to mums that they have to express their milk to be available for their children while they are at work place. However pumping milk from your breast might be hectic.

Manual breast feeding pump just came in time to simplify this routine especially where mums want to express milk for a single feed a day. This is a hand held breast pump that pumps one breast at a go.

Why Use A Manual Breast Pump

Manual breast pumps have become common among breast feeding mums because of the following reasons:

  • Are simple and convenient in size (small and light) therefore one can go anywhere with it including outings
  • Are more natural. Mums who have used have expressed the pumping feeling being similar to baby sucking
  • More comfortable as the mum has full control over suction unlike electric pumps
  • Affordable and pocket friendly
  • Fast in expressing breast milk

How To Choose The Good Manual Breast Pump 2017

Getting the best manual pump from a variety of various models might turn out into a bad experience especially when you are not familiar with a best pump should look like. Worry no more as here are the tips that will help you land in one of the best manual pump for you.

  •  Look for a pump with well fitting flanges. When your nipple tightly fitted into the flange it reduces the friction that could be created by a loosely moving flange against your breast.This will make you do the pumping comfortably without feeling pain. Always go for a pump with flanges that estimate well with your nipple size.
  • It should be a dual-phase pump. Two phase pump provides two phases where in the first phase the pump mimics the baby’s natural sucking to stimulate milk et down in a short time and the second phase that paves way into an extended milk flow leading to more milk being expressed.
  • A good pump should guarantee comfort. This is based on the design of the flanges and pumping parts. Size is key again here. Ensure you get a pump whose flanges match the size of your nipples.
  •  Easy to use. Look for a pump that can easily be set up for use.
  • It should have a good holding stand
  • A good hand pump comes with more than one collecting bottles
  •  Good manual breast pumps are also accompanied by breast shields commonly known as cushion cup which makes pumping experience comfortable.

Can I Use A Second-Hand Manual Breast Pump

You are highly advised never to re-posses a used breast pump. It is clear that breast pumps are single user products which are indeed registered under single user items.

Just like your dentist advises you not to share a tooth brush is the case here. Used breast pumps can transmit infectious patogens such as HIV and bacteria.

  •  Cheap as compared to electric pumps
  • Easy to set up
  • Offers comfort since suction rate is controlled from your hands hence can pump at your desired pace
  • Portability. Manual hand pumps are light and small therefore convenient to carry around.
  • Does not make irritating noise during pumping
  • Hygienic as it is easy to wash
  •  Slow to use as compared to electric pump
  • The hand breast pump is tiring especially where milk expressing is done more regularly in a day

How To Use A Manual Breast Pump

  1.  Wash your hand. Check also to confirm whether the pump is clean.
  2.  Fit the flange on too your nipple.
  3.  Start to pump.
  4.  Remove the flange when you have finished and unscrew the bottle.
  5.  Wash parts of the pump that have come into contact with the breast and air-dry.
Best manual breast pump reviews 2017 :

Medela Harmony Manual

AVENT Natural Comfort Manual

Lansinoh Manual

Ameda One manual

Nuk Expressive Manual


It is therefore crystal clear that manual breast feeding pumps are easy to use and offers more comfort. It has also been noted that they are pocket friendly thus you cannot be pressured by its price to get a used one though you have been advised not to at all cost.



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