Best Yarn for Baby Blanket

Best  Yarn for Baby Blanket

Best Yarn for Baby Blanket Best Yarn for Baby Blanket

Are you expecting your first child? This is the best time of your life so you must stay happy and do everything you love to. Why not make something pretty for your little bundle of joy? Take up a knitting project and make a cute little dress for your princess or a cuddly blanket for your prince!
If you have made up your mind to knit a special gift for the little one, you need to choose the right yarn to make sure your child is warm and comfortable. Another thing to consider is baby allergy; animal wool often results in allergy in children, especially new born babies, so you must take a lot of care when choosing wool for knitting for your baby.

Picking The Best Wool for Knitting for Baby Clothes and Blankets

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right wool and yarn to make beautiful hand knitting patterns to welcome the little one:

Cotton Yarn

Cotton Yarn-Best Yarn for Baby BlanketBest Yarn for Baby Blanket

When it comes to knitting for babies, 100 percent pure cotton yarn is the best option. Since it is made from 100 percent natural fibre, there are no chances of allergies or itchiness. Moreover, cotton yarns are very soft and comfortable and will keep your baby warm and cosy.

Easy Care Yarn

Best Yarn for Baby BlanketBest Yarn for Baby Blanket

You will have to spend a lot of time cuddling and taking care of your baby; so you need to choose a yarn that is easy to maintain. Some yarns such as cotton yarns or other super-wash wool blends can be machine washed with mild detergent; hence it becomes easy to care for your child’s woollen clothes and blankets. You must also read the washing instructions to make sure you do not damage the clothes or blankets.

Tight Spun Yarns are the Best

Tight Spun Yarns - Best Yarn for Baby BlanketBest Yarn for Baby Blanket

New born babies have a natural tendency to suck and lick anything they can hold onto; so you can expect your baby to suck on the woollens. Fluffy and single ply novelty yarns are very loose and tend to shed, so there are high chances your baby will swallow some of them. Hence you must stick to tightly spun yarns that a=do not shed.

Choose a Yarn Based on the Season

If you are going to welcome your baby during winter, it is best to choose a thick and quick yarn which is not only easy to knit but it will provide some extra warmth to your child. For other seasons, you need to choose a light weight yarn that will keep the baby warm and comfortable but will not overheat the baby. You can take professional help from the staffs at a wool shop and buy the best yarn for your baby knitting project.

Know the Patterns

If you are a pro in knitting, then you must choose a yarn that is suitable for the type of patterns you are going to knit. Some hand knitting patterns require tight-spun yarns whereas some require yarns that are loosely spun. Decide what kind of patterns you are going to use and choose the yarn accordingly.
Follow the above tips and get started with your baby knitting project.

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