Dangers of Online Grooming Warning for Parents

Warning for Parents About Dangers of Online Grooming

dangers of online groomingDangers of Online Grooming

Our parents have taught us never to accept anything, may it be some candy or a toy from a stranger when we are in a public place or just walking down the street. We were even told not to chat with them. They taught us all that we needed to know about how to deal with strangers in public. But, what they failed to tell us was that the same rules applied on talking to strangers online.

They didn’t tell us and we didn’t bother asking. In fact, we didn’t even bat an eyelash about it since we didn’t consider them strangers. This is exactly the case with teenagers today. They presume that just because they can see what the strangers they are interacting with online are doing at any given time, know where they are from,who they are friends with at any given time and what do they do along with almost every tiny single little facet of data their social media profile is capable of providing on them.

Dangers of Online Grooming

In the eyes of most teenagers, all such information is enough to turn a stranger they barely know into a friend and eventually worthy of knowing all their deepest, darkest secrets. Little do they know is almost all such profiles are usually fake and made purely out of nefarious intentions which never translate into anything good or in the favor of the person being duped.


Even though stalking may seem like the end of the world to most of us, but compared to the alternative the dangers of which a very few of us have to come face to face, stalking may seem like nothing. A stalker invades an individual’s personal privacy and exploits it for their own sick reasons. Usually, a stalker does not physically harm the person in question or if they do, they can be dealt with by the authorities. On the other hand, a groomer who more or less does the same can never be caught or tested by the law.

Who is a Groomers online ?

Unlike in the traditional sense of the word, an online groomer is a person that earns the trust of an easily gullible person over the internet. They do so by earning their sympathy for their bad situation in life and how the other person is the only one that is capable of trusting them and earns their trust. This way once they have earned their trust, they lure the gullible individual out for their personal gain. This person gain may result in that individual being;

  • Kidnapped
  • Sold into Human Trafficking
  • Thrown into illegal Child Prostitution

Since children and teenagers make up the most gullible lot using the internet, they become an easy target for with the aim of grooming people. Therefore parents need to keep a vigilant eye on them. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that your child’s safety might not be at stake over the internet alone but in the real world as well.

It is easy for parents to presume that their children are safe as long as they are physically present around them but that may not be so. Evil may be closer than you think. Groomers may be around you in the form of the owner of the ice cream truck or the guy selling helium balloons and balloon animals around the corner. They may even lurk around your little one in the form of a tutor.

How to Prevent Dangers of Online Grooming ?

Dangers of Online Grooming

How to Prevent Dangers of Online Grooming

Seeing the kind of world that we live in today, one can never safely presume that their children are safe at all times. In such times investing in a good spy app is always in a parent’s best interest as they can:

  •  Tell where the child is at any given time using GPS trackers.
  • With microphone and camera bugs, parents can know who their child is with at all times and whether they know the person or not.
  •  Social media monitoring provides parents with the opportunity to keep a close eye on every single social media platform their child uses. Look through them all to ensure they are not friends with any strangers.
  •  Look through their contact list to ensure they are not talking to any strangers or people they should not be talking to.

Using these and much more other parental tactics that parents tend to come up with, parents can keep their children safe and the dangers of grooming at bay as much as possible.
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