How to Get your Baby to Use a Baby Walker

How to get your baby to use a baby walker

baby walklerBaby Walker

Editor’s note: Baby walkers are not recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics due to risk of injury and/or death. Please read more about walker in the internet and consider buying a stationary activity center, such as an exersaucer.

Once your baby is strong enough to sit up while unsupported, a baby walker can be a fun new addition to your daily routine if used safely. These pieces of baby equipment will give your little one a new sense of independence, allow him or her to explore from a new perspective and best of all – give you some hands-free time.

It’s important to remember that every new experience impacts your baby’s growing mind and body. Here are some clues that your darling babe might be ready for a walker ( When baby ready to use a baby walker ?)

  • She has a safe place in which to navigate her walker.
  • She can sit up unassisted.
  • She has good head control.
  • She shows interest in bearing weight on her legs.


Now that you’ve got the basics, here’s what to keep in mind about how to safely use a baby walker and make your baby’s first step toward independence a fun one!

The Dangers of Baby Walker ! KEEP BABY SAFE

Baby walkers can beuseful pieces of equipment, but they need to be used responsibly by YOU. Babies have been injured or even killed from rolling to stairs and falling down, reaching poisonous materials or even drowning in tubs or toilets while in their walker.

In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics actually urges parents not to use them because of safety concerns.It’s absolutely critical to make sure your baby walker is used only in places where it’s impossible for your baby to get to stairs or other dangerous places. No exceptions!

It’s also important to keep an eye on your baby while she’s in a walker. These toys are not a place to park and leave your little darling. They are convenient for giving you a break, but don’t leave baby in for more than 15 minutes or so, and listen to her cues. This ensures her hip and leg bones and muscles aren’t overwhelmed by an unnatural sitting/walking position.

Do you have older children? Make sure they aren’t overly enthusiastic about their baby brother or sister’s new zoomtastic toy. Help them understand that keeping baby safe means not pushing the walker or shaking it. Give them a job of finding suitable toys for your babe or making a clap-and-sing song about learning to walk.

When Can Baby Use Walker

baby walkerBaby Walker

Your baby needs to be strong enough to sit up on her own, which is usually mastered by 8 months. She also needs to be able to hold her head up and have good control of it. Some babies reach this point as early as six months of age, but if she’s not quite there, don’t push it! If she protests about being in the walker, take her out. Many babies need a few more weeks to be ready.

You want your baby to play happily in her walker, so be sure to give her the time she needs to properly tackle and appreciate this fun new toy.


Baby walkers can be useful for parents because they can offer a nice break from lugging around your growing baby. But don’t use your walker as a babysitter.

After all, the best plaything for your baby is YOU! She might love this new chance to bounce and try her first “steps,” but her favorite thing will be seeing your smiling face as she tries new things. Make sure to spend some time experiencing this new toy with her, so she sees your excitement at her progress.

Some walkers also have trays with toys. If that’s the case with yours, help her learn about them by identifying their names or texture. Encourage her to reach for them and engage with anything she can safely handle.

Seeing your little one learn to take his or her first steps will warm your heart and remind you that time flies. Enjoy your time with your baby and revel in her newfound freedom as much as she does. Just remember to always be alert to the walker’s surroundings, so your baby stays safe.

Now there’s just one question: What will you do with your new hands-free freedom?

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