How to get water out of children ear quickly

How to get water out of children ear quickly
How to get water out of children ear: water gets into baby ears is a common problem after taking a shower, taking a bath or swimming. But if water stays for a long time in your ears will bring many issues for you. When water comes in, your dry ears, especially your earwax will dilate and tampered the other parts of the ears so that you may feel tinnitus, painful or decrease of hearing ability. You have a broke tympanic membrane, when water goes inside your ear, it may cause ear infections due to the bacteria in water.

The symptoms of ear infections include suppurating, pain discomfort, and tinnitus and decrease the hearing ability. If you dry up your ears by hard towel many times after the invasive of water, the ear cells are sloughed. Hence, it is easier for bacteria to get inside your ears, cause an inflammation in your ear canal. The typical symptoms of this inflammation are itchy and painful.

Therefore, you should know the ways to get water out of children ear.

How to get water out of ear

Use a dry, soft towel to dry your ears.

When you  getting water in baby ears, you should quickly take a dry and soft towel to dry your children ear. You can dry from the inside to outside of the ears. But, be attention, you should dry in a light way to avoid damaged the ears cells. how to take water out of ear

You should not dry the ears many times and continuously because as we mention above, it may facilitate for bacteria invasive your baby ears. This is just a temporary method. You can use when water get inside less.

If too much water gets in, using this method maybe not effective and water can not goes out completely. This method will be applied easterly in small children or infants because their ears are short and soft to dry up.

Create a pressure inside the ears, nasal cavity.

Covering your children nose by your hand tightly, then ask your baby try to push expiration. There is an interconnection between your ears, nose and throat by some cavities. When you try to make an expiration, the air can not go out by the nasal way so it try to find another way to go out.

It will create a pressure inside these interconnected cavities and water will be pushed out in ear way. So that water comes out your baby ears. This method, you can apply for older children teenagers or adults. It can not apply in small children or infants because they are too small to understand and enforce to push the water out.

Use your hand as a “pressure suction”.

Tilt your children head into one side. Then, flap your hand lightly and continuous into your infant ear. Your hand is seemed like a “pressure suction” to inhale the water inside the ear to out side. But remember, do not use this method in the both ear. It will not be effective.

Tilt head in one side.

You can also try another simple method which is standing in one leg and tilting head in one side, putting the baby ear (water ear) parallel with the ground. Or you do the same things but jump surround. You also pull the ear to open the ear to squeeze


You should let your children trying to move your jaw by chewing continuously. The moving of the jaw may make the ear moving so that water can come out. You can also let them tilting their head and chewing to get a better result. You can let your children chew the chewing gum or whatever they like to let their jaw move.


Sometimes, you can try to break the water element by yawning. Any movement in the children face that influences to the ear can reduce the pressure inside the ear and let water come out. Likely chewing, yawn also helps the children ear pulling the water out.

See a doctor

If you try any method, the situation is serious or your baby have history of ear disease, you should bring them to see a doctor. Children should see the doctor when they start to feel painful and discomfort in their ears. The signs and symptoms of water in baby ear for a long time are the same as the inflammation symptoms or some ear infection diseases. You should bring your children to see the doctor immediately or let them admitted to hospital when they face with this expression:

– Pain or discomfort for a long time.

– Itchy inside or outside of the ear.

– lose hearing ability.

– Yellow pus. Yellow and green pus or abnormal liquid from inside the ear.

Geting water in baby ears are dangerous. It may cause many issues and effect to hearing ability of your children especially in infant or small children, hence it influences to their growth and development. Protecting the baby ears out of water is very important. When the water comes in, try to let it out.

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