hair tourniquet syndrome: How a single hair can have serious consequences for a baby

Story about the hair damaging a baby’s toe:

hair tourniquet syndromehair tourniquet syndrome
One day Mr. Kansas (Molly’s father) noticed Molly (his 6 months old daughter) was crying uncontrollably which made him go worried. He tired cuddling, formula milk and each everything to stop her but when he went from removing her clothes to ensure any parasite or something. He was shocked with removal of shoe from her left foot.
It will leave you stunned to know, there was no any insect, foreign particle, pin or something it was a tiny hair of few cm long. Which was surrounding the middle toe of Molly and made it congested? As he lead to near pediatrician clinic, he was told that this phenomenon is not common but yet it has clinical significance as it could have caused loss of function of toe.
hair tourniquet syndrome

How a single hair can have serious consequences for a baby

hair tourniquet syndrome

Babies, The most delicate creation of God and any pain or difficulty to them isn’t easy to be recognized. They are so soft and tiny blessings whose micron problems cause sleeplessness and restlessness to their parents. Toddler’s are difficult to handle at early parenthood and they can be hurt easily even with single hair of 6-7 inches. This story is regarding consequences of how a single hair can affect baby’s delicate and soft skin.

Baby’s specially infants have less amount of amount of collagen and any tiny obstruction to their extremities can cause severe and sometimes ischemic blood obstruction to toddler. When it comes to babysitting parents are so conscious about the doings and don’ts of parenthood.

From this story you may realize how important it become for parents and babysitter to completely wash out the lower extremities of toddlers, for the toddlers a simple hair strand will work like a sharp cutting thread which will not only cut the skin but also create a irritating and painful sensation across their feet which caused parents go worried.

When it comes to describing their pain and any itchy masses over their feet often have many reasons and they all are so intermingled and even cannot be distinguished from each other. So in that case only designated and authorized pediatrician is the only help. The child specialist knows how to deal with that mid night irritable toddler’s even when they don’t have their own.

It is not necessary that toddler’s crying is always matter of their psychological behavior. Its goes unnoticed but yes the hairs not particularly breastfeeding or even non breast feeding mother’s hair can cause severe vessel damage, bleeding and even ischemic attacks to the infants. That in future will can even cause hypotrophy and even atrophy of organ, meanwhile in this case the leading infected toe.

What happen sometimes holding kids and hugging them and even kissing them can cause hair fall over them and it’s no rocket science like baby is part of mother and mother has long or even short hairs, this problem persists. This hair particle can cause sharp and even sometimes knife like action over tiny nails, toes and even whole foot can be affected.

After getting folded over the feet this hair causes interruption in normal blood flow but even cause the injury to the toe, in the next coming days if it is avoided and not shown to a doctor it would lead to functional impairment and lifelong disability.

What pediatricians have to say about this?

hair tourniquet

On inquiry with Dr Martin, he emphasized that it is not common but it’s not rare for any parent. It is necessary to take of extremities because, this area goes unnoticed.

On further conversation with Dr Martin pediatric emergency physician at the lady Cliento hospital she told that this hair around the toddler and infant extremities is called hair tourniquet syndrome and its former examination to be done by pediatric when parents come to clinic with irritable baby complaints.

They further illustrated that when the baby cries without any physiological disruption it’s best to look over them with these finding’s and in 15 % of renowned cases the diagnoses is reliable and findings are markedly hair tourniquet .

What is hair tourniquet syndrome??

In early parenthood parents take their toddler’s crying as their routine habit and believe their tears and shouts are because of they are hungry or some abdomen cramps. But on the bigger scale it can lead an increase in complications. Molly’s father revealed the story for awareness of hair tourniquet  syndrome and its complications on infant’s feet.

You will be shocked to move towards story that how a single hair cans can cause a serious illness. Why we have to worry about it Like, every parents does they provide special care to their infants, they provide them each and every pure care but when it comes to understanding why they are crying what they actually need, it really difficult without a pediatrician’s opinion.

Who is responsible ( hair tourniquet syndrome )???

It is not any crime to be over ridden over someone, it’s an unintentional pain to babies which can be caused by anything and most of the time mother’s hair.

While breastfeeding or any kind of physical intimacy with their babies out of affection can cause this problem and without any straight action can also lead to severe ischemic problem which can even disable any infected toe.

Which steps should be taken by parents and babysitters?

First of all, remove the socks and shoes of infant, if you find any thread or strand move to pediatrician. Don’t try to remove hair yourself it could cause increased complication or any extra damage to tissues of toe or even surrounding blood vessels.

Rarely certain parents use their own medication like removing the hair and keeping it sterilized and uses disinfectant but without any expert advice it will be only harm to the infant. Be aware of this condition. It isn’t a medical emergency but better run to a doctor in order to save any further damage. Loving your kids needs proper knowledge and attention.

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