Potty Train a Baby in a Week

potty train a baby how to potty train a baby in a week

Potty train a baby is very important and essential for the health and hygiene of your baby. The key to starting potty training your baby is with interest, will, and motivation. The potty training might seem difficult in many cases but it can be very easy too.

The more baby grow, the more they have difficulties in running, walking and other activities while in diapers. The diapers might feel uncomfortable and costly too, but potty training can be the solution to all your problems.

The Right Age to Potty Train a Baby:

There are many theories about the right age of potty training but most people agree that potty training can start when the child start to understand what you speak, as some children start speaking late but they can be potty trained before they speak.

It is better to start potty training in early age, as early as the child start to communicate with you in sign language or utter simple words.

Introduce your Child to Use the Bathroom:

The key here is to understand the actual purpose of potty training, which is teaching your child how to use the bathroom. Right from the birth the baby has been using the diapers and have no idea about the potty and bathroom, therefore, introduce your baby to the bathroom and how can we use it.

Also train washing, hygiene, and hand washing techniques at the same time so they know that these steps are essential in using the bathroom.

Use Right Equipment:

potty training a baby

The potty training can be done in two ways, the number on is the separate potty training seat which has a seat attached to it. All your child need is to sit on the seat and potty. The other commonly used equipment is the potty seat for children who are directly attached to the full-size toilet seat and very comfortable for the use of baby.

This way you don’t need to go through the management of entirely other equipping for potty training your baby.One of the most important thing here s to understand what is most comfortable and manageable for you, as you have to make sure you baby fully use it.

Also, keep in mind the safety and suitable equipment for your baby, if the child is under 15 months and able to sit by himself or herself then the small separate potty equipment is better and if your child in the age of 2.5 years or more then you can start from the baby toilet seat as well.

Tips and Tricks to Potty Train a Baby:

Now here comes the actual potty training, if you want to potty train your child then firstly discuss it with your child. Tell him or her that we should go to the washroom and we cannot use diapers anymore.

Make a schedule for potty training which has small intervals in middle and starts using the potty equipment with your child.

Teach them how to sit first and then slowly invest time with the on the potty equipment so that they can start using it.

If they do so, give those treats, gifts or rewards which will encourage them to use the washroom.

Tell others about your child using washroom as an appraisal so that your child thinks that using the bathroom is good.

Motivation, Encouragement, and Persistence are a key:

If you don’t succeed in few attempts then don’t lose hope and don’t give up in potty training. This will not only waste your efforts but also you might be close to your target.

If your child didn’t start using potty initially don’t punish or demotivate you child, in the fact, that encouragement will work wonders and you might get results sooner than you expect.

Always reward you child after a successful potty training session, you can also make a chart and put stickers on it when your child successfully uses the potty. This will help in motivation.

Night mode and ditching diapers:

Usually, it takes a week to fully potty train your child if you properly use the schedule and each time takes your child to the washroom to use potty.

This can generate the result in a week and within 10 days or so, your child can leave the diapers. It can be done earlier if your child started to tell you about the need to go to the washroom. Slowly and gradually use the same techniques to potty train your infant at night.

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  1. When it came to start potty training I needed more info and step by step instructions on what to do and I’ve found it in Susan Urban’s guide “How to make your child love going potty”. Really solved potty prolems with my two kids. It was quite some time ago but I can see it is still available on the same website: http://www.parental-love.com
    The guide is short so I’ve read it in no time at all

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