How to stop biting nails for toddlers

How to stop biting nails for toddlers How to stop biting nails for toddlers? 

Toddlers do tend to have those bad, so called ‘nervous’ habits. That includes thumb-sucking, nose picking, hair twisting or tugging, teeth grinding and nails-biting. These habits Toddlers can continue doing even when grow up. That is why it is important to stop them from doing it as early as possible,So the question is How to stop biting nails for toddlers?

Nails-biting is one of bad habits and is very common, also. It can be due to many different factors. Toddlers, just as adults, can be anxious and feel pressure and stress. Whether it is in   kindergarten, school, while playing outside with friends, etc.

All that stress can affect Toddlers, so a nails-biting is a solution to reduce it. Once they start biting their nails, it can become a habit and they do it unconsciously. But biting nails due to stress and pressure does not always have to mean it will turn out to become a habit.

They can do it before school tests or sports competitions or even while watching a tense scene of a movie or TV show. Biting nails does not have to be caused only by stress or anxiety but by curiosity, boredom or even imitation. Kids sometimes stop biting nails all by themselves, spontaneously but sometimes they do not…

How to stop toddlers from biting nails?

Tips and Tactics to Stop Nail Biting for toddlers

First of all, you do not have to panic or be stressed out as this is a very common thing and can be cured with taking certain steps. Remember to be patient and not too pushy.
So, let’s look at some helpful tips on how to stop your Toddler biting nails.

Find the cause of the problem!

As it is mentioned above, there are many factors that can lead to biting nails, from stress, pressure, curiosity, boredom or imitation. It is on you to try to find out the reason. Once you identify it, it becomes easier to work on its disappearance.

You will act different if it is stress/anxiety or if it’s just a curiosity or boredom. Of course, the first one is a little bit more difficult to overcome but still doable and if it’s curiosity or boredom, then it should be quite simpler to make your Toddler stop biting nails.

Talk to your kid!

It is very important to make sure your toddler is aware of that bad habit as well as knows about all the negativities and side effect of it. Approach that topic carefully and with a lot of understanding. You do not want to make your kid feels like it’s something terrible that makes him/her different or not as good as others. Talk about it as it is something that can cause problems with health.

That way, your kid will be aware of how bad it is for health and won’t feel less worthy. When it comes to a time you should start this conversation, it is good to be while your kid is watching something on TV. It is scientifically proven that kids do understand what their parents talk about even if they don’t look interested in it. Another good time would be when you both are in a good mood.

Inform Toddlers teacher/s about the habit.

This is also a good and effective method. Toddlers do respect the authority and will do what they are told to. Tell a teacher to pay attention on your kid and to warn him/her when detects nails-biting. Of course, not to be very severe, just serious enough so the toddler would get the message.

The teacher can also notify you about whether your child bites nails more often or rather rarely. As kids know to get mad if you talk to their teachers about their ‘intimate’ things (because toddlers find it embarrassing), it is better to keep it for yourself.

Don’t be pushy!

Just like any other activity with kids, this also requires patience and equanimity. You won’t achieve much by constant insisting and pushing your toddler to stop. That will only lead to unnecessary quarrels and bad relationships with your kid.

It is good to have a talk here and there but not too often. It can be irritating and boring to toddlers. Some of them can even start biting nails just to make you angry, out of spite. But you probably know your kid very good so there should not be these problems.

Make your toddler use fingers for other things. (Finding alternatives)

There are a lot of toys that can occupy your kid for some time. Buy some toys that will boost his/hers imagination and make him/her use fingers for let’s say building a Lego castle rather than biting fingers. Plasticine is a perfect example. It will keep kids’ attention and thoughts away from their fingers which, in this case, they will use for creating.

If you feel your kid wants to stop- Help him/her!

Toddlers sometimes realize what a bad habit they have and want to get rid of it. That is when you jump in. Now you do not have to worry about explanations and persuasions as your kid shows determination to end with it.

Help your kid in finding the perfect solution to the goal that he/she has set. Try with suggesting solutions that a doctor had given you before. Every time you see that your kid is biting nails, caution him/her. Every single time!

Be persistent!

You just have to keep trying. If you don’t help your toddler get rid of the habit, it will probably be an issue when he/she grows up. This definitely should be taken into account because, just as any other poor habit, can have a bad impact on kids’ lives in the future. So, don’t be lazy or passive, try as hard as you can and it will pay off for sure.

How to stop biting nails for toddlers  :To sum it up, don’t let things handle by themselves. It probably won’t end up well and toddlers will carry this bad habit into adulthood with them. Be persistent, positive and think about your children.

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