How to take care of a newborn baby

Newborn Care

How to take care of a newborn babyHow to take care of a newborn baby

Having a baby is the most prestigious moment in any couple’s life. Having a baby is not an easy task. The struggle starts from the moment you know you are going to be a Mother. The moment you have your baby in your arms is the time when you should be aware how to care for this angel and the new family member.

Most of the girls get stressed while having a baby and while taking care of them. They get so depressed that this depression not only causes bad impact on herself but on the baby too. The primary cause of this stress is the lack of knowledge of taking care of a newborn. Instead of being stressful just after your baby, start learning how to take care of this blessing.


There are a few main tips that can help a new mother in taking care of her baby. The primary concerns while looking after a baby are its issue of food, sleep, baths, diapers, handling, etc. Let’s look at all of them one by one.

How to take care of a newborn baby


The primary concern of new mother is how to feed their child. You can always take help and advice from the experienced ones. They can guide you on how to hold the baby while feeding, how to sit, etc. the feeding session can take up to 40-50 minutes so always sit at a comfortable place where you can hang on for a long time.

Hold your child close to your chest in a way its chest faces yours. Initial nursing can cause soring and pain, but use a warm cloth and this will eventually help you. Mostly newborns need 4 to 6 times nursing, a day. This can obviously be changed depending on your young one’s needs. Usually, you should feed the baby after every 4 hours in the early stages.


The sleeping pattern of a newborn may vary. Often, in the start of days after coming here, it can take as long as 16 hours sleep straight. Not to worry about this. This can change after a few months to the normal sleeping routing of 6-8 hours a day. If you observe that your new one sleeps in the day and stays awake at night, try making it realize the difference in day and night.

You can do this by creating the atmosphere of a night that supports sleeping like dim lights, low noise, etc. while in the day time you can keep your room bright up with the lights and keep some noise making the baby realize that this is not the time to rest.


Most common problem in new mothers is they don’t understand how many times they should change the diapers. Keep in mind that if you feed your baby properly, it can give you a ten times task per day. You should be an expert in diapering. Always wipe and clean the baby while changing the diaper.

Use rash creams if the baby has rashes, as it can cause irritation and pain which may lead to an unstoppable session of crying. Make a habit of changing the diaper as soon as it gets dirty. Delaying the task will only get the baby frustration and uneasiness.


Bathing the new angels can also be a difficult task if you have had your first baby. Seek the guidance and help from elders. Don’t try to put the baby in shower or adult’s bath tub. Always give the baby a sponge bath in the early time. Use a moist piece of cloth or sponge to clean your baby.

Use the soap but in the limited amount so that it may not get into its eyes. Use baby care soaps and shampoos. Use warm water. Use Baby lotions or cream after the bath, as the new one’s skin is arid and will need moisturization after getting bathed.


The babies also need a massage to keep their skin and body active and alive. Make a habit of giving the baby a soft, gentle oil massage before giving it a bath.

This will not only decrease the dryness in the skin but will also help the muscles and body to grow and be relaxed. Experienced ones always recommend massaging your baby daily. It will make its hands and feet stronger.


Motherhood is not only about feeding, diapering, bathing, and getting the baby to sleep. The child also needs some interaction so that it may know there are people around it. Try to talk to the child, call its name. It will help it recognize the voices and will enhance the ability to listen. Try to sing some lullabies. Play with some stuff toys.

Babies love colorful and noisy toys. Clap in front of it, and see if it sees in the direction of the noise, it helps them making their vision stronger. Cradle your little one; it will help it sleep and forget the crying thing. Play with it, love it, and talk to it. Being a mother is all about enjoying while taking care.

Take Care of yourself

If you want to take care of your baby, the first one about whom you should be concerned about is just you. If you are healthy and alright you will help the baby to be okay. If you are down, you can never take care of the baby. Take regular diets; it will help getting your baby a perfect feed. Take sleep, ask the father to take care of the baby while you are asleep. Keep yourself and your home clean and tidy, as a healthy environment is necessary for a baby to be healthy.

Take some time for yourself, now when you have become a mother, it doesn’t mean all you have to do is caring for a child. You can have some quality time for yourself, watch movies, Scroll Facebook, read books, do whatever pleases you. Remember, asking for help can never be wrong. If you have other family members, ask them to look after the baby too. In this way, both you and your child can be healthy and beautiful.

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