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Is Your Child a SMOMBIE?

Is Your Child a SMOMBIEIs Your Child a SMOMBIE

Smombie is probably a slang you haven’t heard of before. Surprisingly, Smombie is the Germany’s Youth Word of 2015. It stands for “Social Media Zombie”. By definition, Smombie is used to describe a person that uses their phone so much that they don’t even pay the slightest attention to their surroundings. They don’t care whether they’re in school, in their home, walking down the street or having lunch with their friends, their phones will be firmly glued to their hands.

So, what’s the big deal about being a Smombie? Staying glued to your phones isn’t that bad. Almost every one you see walking down the road or on a bus have their phones in their hands along with headphones in their ears. Well, if you think addiction to using your mobile is harmless, then you should probably go back to the later part of 2016 and tell this to the people involved in the 110,000 accidents due to Pokémon Go.

According to a survey, most of the people that fall under the category of Smombies are teenagers under the age of 18. Adults have the sense to watch both sides of the roads when they cross, while teenagers don’t. So, the situation gets even worse when you put a Smartphone in their hand.

Things that can come up due to your child being a Smombie :

 * Road Accidents

As we have already discussed, Smombies are probably the ones who are involved in road accidents. When someone defines the term “Smombie”, the first thing that comes to your mind is road accidents. Complete and utter carelessness towards the surroundings is the main reason for car accidents. It doesn’t matter whether the person glued to their phone is the driver, or a pedestrian crossing the street, either one will result in disaster. If you find yourself in either one of these situations make sure that you never use your phone and pay complete attention to the people, and more importantly, the cars around you.

* Grades Start Falling

It’s quite obvious that if your child is one of the many people that can’t seem to get off their Smartphones, then their grades would take a turn for the wrong side. Honestly, they would rather browse their newsfeed on Twitter or post a selfies on Instagram rather than sit down and study for the quiz they might have tomorrow. You could force them to study, but we all know that that won’t work too well in your favor.

* Cyber Stalkers and Cyber Bullies

The internet is far more dangerous that people give it credit for. It’s filled with people waiting to prey on the young minds of your children. What the worst thing is that they get nothing out of it – they do it for nothing other than their pleasure. They target young girls and boys and are hell bent on ruining their lives. It’s is often seen that these online predators somehow manage to get into the personal lives of their target – and your imagination can lead you to what happens next. If your child

spends a ton of time on their mobile, then there’s a huge possibility that they are talking to people that they don’t even know outside the internet.

What Can Parents Do?

There are a number of things that a parent can do. However, whatever they do, they have to do it carefully. They shouldn’t try to enforce their will onto their child. Well, they should, or at least partly – while making the child think that he’s doing what he wants. A few things you could try are as follows:

* Make sure that your child knows the bad things that come with using your phone 24/7.

* Try to restrict the time they get to use their phones.

* Ensure that they keep themselves attentive while crossing roads.

These are just a few simple things that you could try. But, if you think that your child is doing the same old things behind your back, then you need TheOneSpy.

How Can TOS Help You?

TOS can let you monitor your child in every way imaginable. TheOneSpy is a Parental Monitoring Application that can let you monitor everything that your child does on their phone. You could easily see if they use their phone all the time when they’re out of the house. You could see during what hours they are most active on their phone. More importantly, it allows you to check what they are doing during the time they are stuck to their phones.

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