Light up shoes for kids make a great gift

led shoes kids

When it comes to futuristic clothing for kids nothing grabs more attention than light up shoes. These cute and fun sneakers are loved by kids and now are even made for adults. You can see how this trend took off in early 2016 when kids all over youtube where unboxing heir led sneakers and showing the world their cool functions.I recently gave these to my nephew and he loved them! He couldn’t wait to show them off to his friends and wear them to school. As soon as he saw them he was already asking for another pair. The shoes light up 7 colors with a switch that is located usually to the side. The inside of the shoe has a small battery in a casing with led strip lights attached to it. The lights can be kept on solid or blinking mode which is pretty cool to look at haha.

Another great feature is the remote control it comes with which lets you choose the color you want to select. The Bluetooth technology is embed in the shoes and lets it connect wireless to your iPhone or android mobile phone. If your looking for a fun gift or just a nice surprise light up shoes for kids are a great choice. I hope you liked this article and as always if you want more information on this item you can visit Bright Led Shoes Website.

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