Top Natural Remedies for Gas Pain In Baby

Top Natural Remedies for Gas Pain In Baby Top Natural Remedies for Gas Pain In Baby

 Overview Natural Remedies for Gas Pain In Baby

Gas pain is a popular problem in small children. It can be called with other name: gas formation in babies. Infants are suffering from gas trouble because of two main reasons including overfeeding or the digestive system that is still not perfectly developed.

There are two sources for this problem: bacteria can break down undigested sugars in the large area of intestine, and swallow air while speaking, crying, smiling and feeding. It is easy and understandable for small children to suck air while drinking a bottle and feeding from breast.

The air can bring about gas pain and discomfort for babies. Feeding babies with over fruit juice can also be the main causes of diarrhea, gas, as well as tummy pain, and bloating.

Many natural methods can be used to deal with this but here are top effective remedies you should follow:

1- Chamomile

Chamomile Top Natural Remedies for Gas Pain In Baby Natural Remedies for Gas Pain In Babies

Chamomile is one of the most effective home remedies for commonly happened stomach ailments such as gas pain in newborn children because it consists of chemicals that can help get rid of gas of intestine. In addition, this natural herb also helps make the muscles relax in the tract of digestion, therefore can enhance digestive system and against gas formation.

How to apply: In a glass of boiling water, add dried chamomile flowers with amount of half teaspoon. Steep and wait for 10 minutes. Then, strain and put some raw honey if you want and make it to cool as the temperature of the room. Give two teaspoons of this tea to your child to drink about three times per day.

Note: Mothers who are breastfeeding mothers can consume a glass of tea from chamomile two to three times daily.

2- Warm Compress

Warm Compress Natural Remedies for Gas Pain In Baby Natural Remedies for Gas Pain In Baby

A warm compress can provide tremendous treatment to fight gas pain in baby. The warmth of temperature can help eliminate gas and make the baby feel more relaxing.

How to use:

  • In hot water, soak a soft towel into it and squeeze out water to excess.
  • Place directly the warm towel on the tummy of your child.

Until the towel cools down, make replacement it with the other new warm one.

Reapply these steps three times per day. Use this natural home remedy in some weeks until you see improvement.

Note: keep away from using a bottle of boiling water or heating pad on small children.

3- Fiber-rich Foods

Fiber-rich Foods Natural Remedies for Gas Pain In BabyFiber-rich Foods : Remedies for Gas Pain In Baby

Adding more foods which are rich in fiber in the diet of your child can help to prevent gas from widespread. Fiber supports in the process of digestion and helps food go through faster in the intestines. Moreover, it also helps fight against constipation from your body.

There are a number of fiber-rich sources for children such as berries, bran, squash, whole grains, oranges, and celery.

Remember to keep away from provide your child with too many refined and cooked foods because natural fiber in those foods have been partly removed or even totally.

Note: everyone should also add fiber-rich foods meal daily, especially breastfeeding mothers.

4- Water

water Natural Remedies for Gas Pain In Baby

In addition to treat many women health issues, such as vaginal odor treatment, water can do your baby good by taking care of his or her health condition. Enhancing the amount of fluid intake is also one of the most effective and natural remedies for your child if he or she is suffering from gas pain. The functions of digestive tract can be smoother when the body receives enough amount of juice or fluid. In addition, water can help cleanse gas pain and keep far away from constipation.

You should make sure that your child drinks enough amount of water throughout all the day, depends on every child. If it is possible and easy to you, provide warm water not boiling or cold water for your child to use because it aids digestive system.

Alongside with water, you can give milk, juice from fresh and safe fruit, and clear soup to your beloved child.

Remember to avoid drinks which is fizzy such as soda that can make gas pain worsen.

5- Massage

Massage Natural Remedies for Gas Pain In Baby

One of the wonderful options for the parents of small children who are suffering from gas pain is massage. Massaging the stomach can help reduce the gas that are trapped going out of the intestine.

How to apply: Rub mustard oil or warm olive or mustard oil on your hands just before massaging.

Gently and slowly massage on the tummy of the toddle with the direction of clockwise from two to three minutes.

Next, massage in the back for two minutes to help ease gas and boost up deep sleep.

Repeat this process at least three times a day.


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