Trampoline for Kids is it Good?

Trampoline for Kids

Trampoline for Kids

All parent including me concern about one question:  trampoline for kids good or bad?

 Kids are fun loving, they always want to explore something new & make fun whatever they have. The technologist is also not sited, they always surprise with their new innovation which blows our mind. One of the lively innovation of technology is the Trampoline, it’s not only for just kids but also you can refresh your mind too. A trampoline can be your modern recreational pursuit & will be happy when your kids will jump with a smiling face in front of you.

Trampoline helps to keep stay fit & active, which will be reflected on their academic triumph. It’s more beneficial than video games, as researchers have found that physical exercise is extremely related to educational performance. Students who regularly play on a trampoline are able to do multitasking faster than who plays on video games.

Before you decide to buy the best trampolines for your kid lets know more about trampoline.

Benefits of trampoline for kids:

Trampoline for KidsBenefits of Trampoline for Kids

It is not just a game for entertainment, it has way more benefits than anyone has ever thought. It not helps to pass time but also offers mental richness, improvement in posture & also helps remain active. A trampoline for kids is a great way to introduce your kid to the wonderful benefits of exercise. In one word, it is a complete package for the growing up of your kid.

Here some benefits of a trampoline & why a trampoline is must for a kid, I am sure by reading these you will want to buy a trampoline:

  • It’s fun & refreshing exercise:

    Jumping on a trampoline is fun & refreshing as well. buying a high-quality trampoline can your kids a million dollar smile. By taking fresh air it helps to refresh kids’ mentality. You will be also glad to know that only 10 minutes jumping on a trampoline is more fun & beneficial exercise than running 30 minutes.

  • It’s not like a video game:

    Trampoline is not like a video game where your kids have to sit in a room & play for hours which doesn’t help to grow mentally & physically. Trampoline helps to bounce all the body & brain which helps to exercise every single muscle.

  • Makes confident:

    Physical activities for kids are helping to expand their dignity & makes more confident. It also helps to expand better leadership skills & socially connected with others. Though other team sports help to grow social skill, but trampoline helps to bring down the stress level.

  • Refine attitude:

    As trampoline helps to improve kids balance at the time of jumping, it refines the attitude too. This is because jumping on a trampoline is like moving from one part to another & kids have to be aware on this, this skill is related to refine & improve their attitude.

  • Controlling is the key to success:

    Trampoline helps to coordinate & control muscle which is related to the controlling of body movement. By using trampoline regularly, a kid can easily learn how to control other things which are key of a successful person.

  • Keeps safe from bone disease:

    Trampolining is a repetitive task, which helps to enhance bone mineral content & fabricate the musculoskeletal system & keeps you safe from the dangerous bone disease like osteoporosis.

  • Brain & body works together:

    Jumping on a trampoline helps to work the body & brain functions together, because of its repetitive task of up & down in the air. Which helps to maintain a sharp balance & coordinate to all the parts of the body.

  • Mentally fit:

    As you already know the physical benefits of a trampoline, it also helps to keep your kid mentally fit. The boundless smile of your kid while jumping up & down enhance extra benefit for making the positive mood.

How can kids play on a trampoline?

Here are some basic idea that is played worldwide:

  1. Telephone:

    If you have so many friends and invite them to your party then playing this will be the wisest idea. This will not only make your party enjoyable but also make it a remarkable one. Here all the players stay out of the trampoline. One player get on it and show a move or trick. Then the next player gets on it, he has to do the previous trick along with a new one. Then the 3rd player will have to do all the previous tricks along with one of his new. This will go on until one player forgets a previous trick!

  2. Marco Polo:

    This is a game usually played in the pool. But this can be an interesting game to play on Sunday evenings with your family on the trampoline. Here one player sits in the middle with their eyes closed. The rest of the players spread on the trampoline and the center player has to search them with closed. The players say, Marco, to which another will reply Polo. And the center player will have to catch them by guessing from the sound.

  3. Bounce Battle:

    This is a very fun and common game played on the trampoline. It is generally played by two players. All they have to do in this game is bouncing! The players have to jump and return bouncing on their back and continue doing until they lose the grip. The one to lose control earlier is the loser.

  4. Popcorn:

    This is a game consisting of 6-7 players or even more. Here one person is the popcorn. That person sits in the center with legs crossed and body as pact as possible. The rest of the players jump around the ‘popcorn’ center person. The motto of the game is to make the center person lose the grip. Once he loses the game is over.

  5. Playing Basketball:

    Yes, your kids can enjoy this game too in a trampoline! It’s very easy just like playing it on the ground. But it’s more fun than the ground. Because it will make your kids to make bounce and through ball to the basket. Make sure you have placed the trampoline in an open ground. By doing this your kids won’t get hurt.

  6. Drawing carpet:

    It’s also called chalk game, this game played by a group of kids. What they need is a chalk to draw a circle on the trampoline. After drawing they will start to jump on the trampoline align to each of their circle. If anyone goes beyond the circle, will throw outside from the trampoline. The circle will become smaller one after another.

So, what are you waiting for! Hurry up & buy a trampoline for kids today to give them extra fun. Truly it’s one of the most advanced recreation tools & you won’t be dissatisfied after buying this. A boundless smile from your kids will be your reward from them.


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